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        Legal notice

        Connal website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") is a exclusive website that set upby the Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. When you visiting and using this website,this articlemust be read carefully in advance.

        1.Copyright Notice
        Connal website (www.homeolap.com) is exclusive organized by the Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co., Ltd..The total contents of this website are entirely owned by Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co., Ltd..

        All information and pictures posted on this website unless especially specifiedare copyrighted by Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.. No other person or organizations may, in any form, reprint, copy, edit or publish any of the resources of thissite to any other occasions without the written signaturepermission of the owner; no any form of information may be distributed to other party, you can not mirrorcopy or store the information in other servers or documents;may not modify or reuse any of the resources on this website.

        Violators will be held for the corresponding legal liability.

        “康納”, “Connal”, are the trademarks of Connal Electric Co., Ltd., any person may not unauthorized use without the clearwritten permission of Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. Violators will be held for the corresponding legal liability.

        2.Contents provide
        The various information provided by this website are only a referencesource of information by visitors,can not and should not be considered as legal advice that we issued that need to be responsible for,can not and should not be used in place of any form legal correspondences that we have officially issued. We do not undertake any form of responsibility for the behavior of use of the information on this website and the business decisions, personal decisions and other decisions that directly or indirectly made.

        This website provided various information may have public release and non-public releaseform, and we do not guarantee that there is no differencesamong the information, but this does not mean that at the quality , the property and the extent of our responsibility of the information have any discriminatory treatment to the reader.

        We do not guarantee the authenticity, validity, completeness and accuracy of any other information obtained from other websites or other organizationsby visitors through links or introductions provided by this website. And also we do not undertakeany form of responsibilities for them.

        Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. will make reasonable efforts to regularly view the discussions, messages, chatsin this websiteand the similar web pages, but this should not be regarded as the obligation of Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. For any fallacies, false information, or insults, defamation, obscenities, intimidation, and any other content that may be prohibited by the laws of the People’s Republic of China by the users’access or use of the above-mentioned web pages, Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. and this website will not undertake any responsibilities. Any user who will transmit the above illegal contents on this website, the website has the right to delete or interrupt the link, and will provide all thewebsite known information of the user to the law enforcement authority take the initiative or at the request of the law enforcement agency.

        Once you have found any content on any pages of this website that violates your legal rights, please you must inform this website in time for Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. to take corresponding measures.

        3.Use risks

        When you visiting and using this website, you should be aware that all risks arising from this must be undertook by yourself. You must clearly and definitely understand that when you use this website, any risks thatincludingthe following circumstances may arisen, and may cause corresponding damages or inconveniences, that Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. do not undertake any responsibilities. Because ofyoudisclosing your user's password to others orsharing your registration account with others, or any other reason that may classified as your responsibility, thereof leading to personal or company information been disclosed.

        Any personal information disclosure, loss, theft, or tamperingcaused by force majeure (including but not limited to hacker attacks, computer viruses intrusion or break out, temporary closures due to government regulation, etc.).

        Due to the disclosure of personal information caused by other websites linked to this website and any legal disputes and consequences arising by this.

        In addition, if due to you visit, using this site or downloading any information from this site, your computer is infected with any viruses, or any damage to your computer equipment or other property.

        The above risks, although less likely to occur, but does not mean of nonexistent.

        4.Additional information

        Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. will update this website at any time, modify this "legal notice", you should be restricted by any such changes. To this end, please be sure to visit this page regularly to learn about the latest content of this article that restrict you and this website. The above rules’ interpretation and modification rights belong to Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.


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